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Glen Quaich Distillery

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Glen Quaich Distillery will create and sell a range of small-batch premium spirits brands globally. The scheme is ready for submission to the Perth & Kinross Council.


The plan is to convert the Amulree Hotel and stables in the picturesque, unspoilt countryside of Glen Quaich into a craft distillery, with visitor facilities to support the development of brand awareness. Every aspect of the business, from the spirits’ packaging to the single malt Scotch whisky and to the coffee shop staff’s uniforms, will reflect the premium and aspirational brand values of Glen Quaich. This will include a small number of premium standard letting bedrooms, to facilitate single Malt Scotch whisky enthusiasts’ full brand immersion. 

The plant will be a 1 tonne mash per batch system using 4x5,000 litre Oregon pine wash backs for fermentation, a 5,000litre copper wash still and a 3,600 litre copper spirit still and a 12,000 litre oak whisky spirit receiver vat, which will produce 173,858 litres of 63.5% ABV (cask strength) new make spirit per annum. 

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